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The 411 On Anti-Brush And The Head Manager

Copyright Information
Anti-Brush is owned, maintained by, and © Jenni O'Toole, 2002. All rights reserved worldwide.

Anti-Brush is a download site provideing free Adobe® Photoshop® brushes. All brushes are made in Photoshop® 6.0, and therefore only work in that version and higher (I assume). Brushes may work with Paint Shop Pro, but the file format of .abr will have to be changed to .jbr, see the support page for more info.

Site Viewing
Site uses frames, JavaScript, and CSS. Looks best on my computer.

About the Site
How Anti-Brush got the name:
I sat around for 3 hours trying to come up with a name. I looked at the sink and saw the dish soap. It said "Antibacterial", I said "Anti-Brush". Fin.

When Anti-Brush begin:
October 20, 2002

About the Author
Jenni likes loud music, rainy nights, betta fish, and Aeon Flux. She also operates a site called PixelScripts (Free stock blog/homepage layouts), and uploads her artwork to her deviant art gallary.